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Mai Photox

Wednesday Old Fashioned Homicidal Shirt

If the mechanisms for hypertension can be identified specifically for women and therapeutic options can be made available, there should be a reduction in cardiovascular disease risk, with reductions in morbidity and mortality that would improve the quality of life for women as they age. IUPS journal called Physiome that...

We Are On A Break #teachersbelike Shirt

He had not conclusively tested his hypothesis, and he We Are On A Break #teachersbelike Shirt felt that he needed to “make an ‘ultimate effort’ at my advanced age!” Ewald was elected President of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) at the 33rd World Congress in St. Petersburg in 1997....

Sjakie Ouwe Rukker Shirt

America is a democracy, specifically a democratic republic, where your head of state is elected through a democratic process rather than being a monarch, oligarch, or autocrat. You understand just how bad wealth inequality has gotten watch the vid or things like automation or basic economics. If wages had kept...

Get The Fuck Along T Shirt Shirt

You can try to redefine all you want to fit the left's narrative but we’re not a democracy. Didn't Bertrand Russell say almost the exact same thing? Clearly, some plagiarism going on here. Or did they arrive at the insight independently like Newton and Leibniz? The Trump connection is painfully Get...

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